Some new pics

First off, I was trying to post this pic of the family on the top here as our header. I messed that up so Jonathan will have to fix it. In the meantime, here it is: We were originally going to post this picture with the title "Our baby's so bright, he glows" but we got a little distracted with the hospital thing. Still pretty funny, don't you think? Wish you could have seen it with his gown down -- it really did look like he glowed! Here's one with Timothy in one of my favorite shirts. Saw it at Target and wanted to buy it but didn't and got it as a shower gift from the Prince family. Thank you, Prince's! Also, while thanking, we've gotten a lot of great meals from our church friends. We feel very blessed! A special shout out to Sarah from the kids for the cute cookies! Thanks, Rolston family!

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