Timothy update

He's home. Jaundice is down to a decent level but they have us keeping him on the light blanket at home until his level is down to normal. He'll have a blood draw today at 12:30 to see where we're at. He did really well in the hospital and has doubled the amount he was eating from 1 oz to 2 since we got home which, of course, is great. They did a repeat hearing test in the hospital and while the results showed that there was some response in both ears, it was not considered a passing result. Again and again we have been told that this is probably just fluid and will go away in the coming days/weeks and that we shouldn't worry. I haven't scheduled the appt yet but they will be doing a more in depth hearing test soon that will tell us if there is any hearing loss, how much (a percentage) in each ear (if any), and whether or not it's related to fluid.

It's good to be home with my kids. I think all the adrenaline pumping through my system since Thursday is starting to wear out a little. I still feel pretty good but feeling run down today. Otherwise, recovery seems to be going okay.

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