Timothy Pictures

Here he is. Who does he look like? Please leave a comment.

How can a hand start so small.
Proud mom

Grandma and Caleb take a closer look. I hope they let us keep him!? Or will he be voted off the island. Stay tuned
Papaw Fred
Big brother Nathan likes holding his little brother.

One very excited Caleb.
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Heather said...

He's beautiful, I think he looks like the Thacker side of the family!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your adorable little boy!
Rebekah (from MOMYS)

Audrey said...

He is very CUTE! Congratulations!
(a fellow MOMYS)

Nancy said...

I think he looks like his Daddy, but you know how babies are...they can change as they mature. Also, he was born on my 10th wedding anniversary! Congratulations!

Wonderpup said...

He's adorable! Sorry dad, but I see alot of Thacker there too...but he has your eyes!

Sarah said...

He looks like his Mama! Congratulations again!