We interupt your regularly scheduled program....

...for these prayer requests.

First, we found out Thursday and yesterday that the way Jonathan starts his new job on Monday, we're going to have to do without 1 paycheck in December. Meaning instead of 2, we're only going to get 1 full check and not until 12/21. We are going to get a partial check on 12/7 for the 4 unused vacation days that Jonathan didn't take at his former job. All our bills will be covered but everything else (gas, groceries, what little Christmas shopping we needed to finish) is a big question. (I'm trying not to panic....Jonathan's doing a much better job than I am!) We know our needs will be met but I struggle with trusting and letting go in that.

On to something cute but serious....Something is going on with Nathan. In all sincerity, we believe the Holy Spirit is working on his heart. He's been "confessing" to an awful lot lately. It's been rough around here with the last few weeks of pregnancy and we do wonder if he's also trying to get our attention (or suffering from cabin fever -- the rains we had the other day flooded our yard so they couldn't play outside and by the time it dried up, it got too cold for them to be outside; not to mention that I'm certainly gone a lot with dr's appointments and they pretty much only get out and about for church). He's also reached a point now where he's pretty capable of getting around the computer pretty good (yikes!) and has been grounded off and on lately either from his Nintendo DS (for leaving it outside one day) and/or from the computer -- first, he had gone to a website (Cartoon Network) without permission and tried to "register" to play with his new email address (AND his Dad's which, thankfully, he had typed wrong). That was his first confession which led to him being grounded from the computer. Then, Thursday, he kept pacing the floor telling us his tummy hurt and the next thing you know, he's spilling the beans. He had gotten on the computer after we had told him not to. We had several "confessions" that night and really, as any parent would be, we're actually quite proud of him for coming forward. Otherwise, we seriously might have never known. Part of his punishment was an extension of his grounding from the computer. Then, yesterday, he came to us right before dinner and started all over again -- this time he said he had gotten on the computer and that he just couldn't help himself 'cause he had seen an ad for a Playhouse Disney website he wanted to go to (we've since then put a password protection on both the laptop and the PC). Jonathan began talking to him and explaining that even though we're grown-ups and Christians, we still struggle with temptation. (Nathan then said that he had another confession -- he had been doing things to Caleb, like taking his toys, just to annoy him because he thought it was fun! How sweet is that?!?) Nathan said something about having tried to ask Jesus into his heart but he just didn't know how. Jonathan assured him he would help him pray but Nathan said he needed some time to think about it. While brushing teeth last night before bed, Nathan came up to me with a note and on it that said "There's something I want to talk to you about. Ask me about it on Monday." and then on the back (it was on an index card), he had written "It's what we talked about at dinner. Do you know what I'm talking about?" I got so cracked up at the "ask me about it on Monday" comment -- too funny! While it's cute, we're serious when we ask you to pray for Nathan and for Jonathan & I in the next couple of days.

On a much lighter note, I had a great time at the baby shower our church family threw for me on Thursday night. Many, many thanks to all who were there! Nathan says we might not have to buy baby wipes for the next year! =) I'll post more about that (with some "beautiful" hand drawn pictures!) and publish our post on John soon! Have a great weekend, ya'll!

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Paula said...


Really enjoyed reading all your posts - I had a lot of catching up to do! Especially your in-depth ones on your kids - those were great. God is so evidently working in Nathan's heart - how wonderful that you and Jonathan are shepherding him through this in a Godly way.