Elizabeth update and other stuff

I'm sure you're all just holding your breath (ha ha) but here's an update on Elizabeth: I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone. A child who had never, ever gone to the potty -- not once -- as of last week is now nearly potty-trained. She's in what she calls "underwearS" during the day and a diaper at nap and bed. Yes, she still naps (sort of) and no, I'm not that brave yet. For the most part, she takes herself something Caleb didn't do until just last summer right before he turned 5 so that's a nice switch. We still remind her about every half hour. Lots of accidents but -- hey -- she's going and that's enough for me! I do hope we're done with her by our trip in September (provided gas prices don't get so high we can't go!). John isn't interested right now, even with all the stickers and uh, "other rewards" we're giving Elizabeth.

I'm home from church today with 3 kids somewhere in the spectrum of a cold. Timothy is getting over the runny nose part but still hanging on to the cough. John is in the midst of the bad runny nose and the bad cough. And Elizabeth sounds a little stuffy although I kept her home mostly because of the potty thing. I hate to burden other people and I'm sure Sunday School/Children's Church teachers/workers have better things to do than take my daughter to the potty every 30 minutes or so. As soon as everyone is well, we'll go back to church and see how it goes. Anyway, I know this may sound just awful but I'm not that sad about being home. Last week was VBS, as I've already said, and then Friday night was the closing program. Can I just say that I hate slow computers? Messed up my presentation more than once and I'm sure it seemed like an ameteur put it together. But, no, it truly wasn't my fault -- the laptop just couldn't handle my presentation and the pictures for the slide show at the end. And then, after all that, I had a day-retreat yesterday to go to in Union City, right at the Indiana border. It was a follow-up from the one I attended in May. We're still not through all the material! Too much talking! :) Seriously, it was great but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and a little tired. My kids might be grateful for the clean clothes, too, now that I've had a morning at home to get somewhat caught up on the laundry. It's always a joy to have just 1 or 2 kids at home by themselves. You really get to see their unique personalities come out of them.

Here's 2 pictures to share.
Doesn't Timothy look happy?
John's black eye (sort of). Rumor has it, Caleb hit him with a stick. Someone hit him with a stick and I've heard that it was Caleb and then I've heard that he did it to himself. Anyway, trip to the Urgent Care revealed no scratches to his eye which we were concerned about.

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