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Memorial Day -- we went fishing. All of us, yes. I'll spare you some of the pictures and details but here's a few highlights. All the gang together with their poles. Even Timothy wanted in on the action!

Caleb's fish

Near-catastrophe -- While sitting at the computer last Wednesday, I hear a familiar rumbling and think "Oh, the kids are in the VHS tapes again" but before I can even finish that thought in my head, I turned around just in time to see this happen: Thank God, no one was hurt (did you see how close that was to Timothy?) but it did kill the entertainment center and our t.v.

And last but not least, Timothy's first time sitting in a high chair (no solids just yet). Our high chair (one of Nathan's first Christmas presents) had seen better days so we had to get a new one. This is a very plain high chair but I just couldn't see paying $70+ for a high chair, especially if Timothy ends up being the last baby. Paid $16 for this one at Once Upon A Child.

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Sarah said...

OH MY WORD!!!! That was scary! Thank the Lord none of your children were hurt!