Never in my given days

...have I heard a child carry on in the car like John. It started several weeks ago. Everytime we were in the car, he would say "I wanna go that way" even though it was usually the opposite way that we needed to go. He'd start out kinda whimpering but now he's gotten himself to the point where if we don't turn his direction, it's an all-out tantrum. Yesterday was the worst. We went to go have lunch with Jonathan and were on the highway. Every, and I do mean EVERY, exit we passed, he'd cry and scream "I wanna go that way!". And I do mean SCREAM and kick, too. And, then it got worse -- a car would pass us and he started crying and screaming "Follow that car, Mommy, follow that car!"

Anyone had a kid like this? Anyone?


Mr. Stevens said...

OK people don't leave us hanging here. Are your children perfect angels in the car? Do they go right to sleep? Do they scream the entire time until you think you're gonna lose your mind? Are you experiencing post traumatic stress syndrome just talking about it?

Shelli said...

Karter has been known to throw fits in the car. In fact he still does some, but it's because after spending a week with my folks he doesn't want to leave and he'll cry and scream half way back here begging for us to turn around and go back. I like that he loves the farm but my head can only take so much screaming, i've had to pull over before cause it's so bad, and if i have to pull over then he knows he's in trouble.