We might be on to something....

Yesterday (we're hip deep in Vacation Bible School, btw), one of Elizabeth's VBS teachers brought her to me in the sanctuary/music room and told me that her and John both went to the potty during potty time. I can believe it about John -- he goes "on command" basically but has never told me he had to go or told me when he's wet/dirty. Anyway, when they told me Elizabeth had gone, I said "Are you sure?" and she said she was pretty sure. Today, the other teacher told me that Elizabeth had definitely gone. "Okay," I thought, "that's certainly interesting seeing as how she's NEVER gone for me.". This afternoon, my sister-in-law had agreed to take Nathan and Caleb for a few hours so they could play with my nephew. When she got to church after VBS to pick them up, she decided to take Elizabeth, too. (I'm telling you -- this woman is Superwoman! She worked all weekend -- graveyard shift, nonetheless -- went with me and her mom and grandmother to a bridal shower on Sunday and then to church which meant no sleep to recover from the weekend and then worked Monday and yesterday -- today was her only day off this week and she takes 3 of my 5 kids for 4 hours....amazing. If I were her, the only thing I would have done today is napped!) She overheard the teacher telling me today that Elizabeth had definitely gone potty today and decided to put Elizabeth in some "big girl pants" (we have a niece just about a year older than Elizabeth) to see what might happen. She wet through 2 pairs and a pull-up so my SIL calls me on my way to pick everyone up and tells me to bring a diaper. When I got there, Elizabeth was in big girl pants still and was dry so I told her to try and go potty before I put her diaper on and we came home. Much to my surprise, ELIZABETH WENT POTTY before we left and I'm not talking about a little drip, either, if you catch my drift! I'm still in shock and awe, dazed and confused. We've called all 4 grandparents and Daddy on his way home from work to spread the good news. I can't really work with her until next week as we finish up VBS and I have a ladies day retreat on Saturday but, Lord willing, I beginning to think I might just get this silly little girl potty trained before the summer's out! Yes, I'll try John at the same time 'cause I think if we could get him to learn what it feels like to have to go, he might just be easy to train (hear me knocking on wood?). Maybe I'll get a break before Timothy turns 2 'cause I feel like I've been potty training for 2 straight years after what we went through with Caleb. Being pregnant with Elizabeth and then John and now this potty-training time have been the only times where I kinda wished they weren't born so close together. But, I choose to believe God has something special in store for these little ones. Don't stop praying, though! 'Cause after potty training for Timothy, you know what's next? Puberty. Nathan will be turning 10 after Timothy turns 2....I think that's enough said. :)

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