Here I am! 6 months old today (I think my Mommy skipped my 5 month post but what's a boy to do?). I've had an interesting month. I had surgery on May 16th which wasn't too much fun but I did very, very well. Mommy even said so! I can't say for sure when it happened but sometime since surgery, I stopped sounding like a washing machine when I breathe. Mommy and Daddy just noticed last night that I wasn't making any loud noises while breathing. We're all anxious to see what my ear doctor thinks about that when I got for my post-op check-up on June 17th. I also go for my 6-month check-up with my regular doctor on the 16th. I might break the 20# mark by then! Hey, I'm a growing boy! Sure, 20# is supposed to be what I weigh when I turn 1 but I figured why not get a head start on that?!? I had cereal for the first time the other night (see the last picture). Can't say for sure if I like it, though. But, Mommy says I did very well with the spoon. She can't find her old baby spoons so she used my brother John's toddler-size spoon which was a little big for my little mouth but we got through it. I don't care for the high chair yet, though, 'cause I can't hold myself steady and I fall over constantly unless Mommy props me up with towels or blankies. Let's see....I think that's about it for now. We're all a little disappointed that our vacation was postponed to September but it doesn't matter much to me. We'll get there eventually. We're going to see my Grandma Faye and Papaw Thomas and go to the beach. By then, I'll be 9 months old. I should be sitting up by then -- won't that be neat? Maybe I'll get to sit in the sand! Okay, I've got to go now and help Mommy keep everyone else in line. Things sure are busy and loud around here....

This is me with my pal, Justin. He was born 2 days after me. Like our matching outfits? Mommy bought them before Justin and I were born. Isn't she silly?

This is me on baby dedication day (Mother's Day). I don't know why people keep asking me if my fingers taste good. Isn't it obvious?!?

And here's me with a cereal face. I don't look too happy, do I?

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