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Krimson was a dear friend and a baby-sitter who the kids adored. Folks, asthma is deadly and not to be taken lightly. And days like today -- reading this article and watching Jonathan have a bad asthma day -- make it all too real for me. Watching Krimson slip away after that horrible asthma attack was devastating....contemplating that it could happen to my husband is just unthinkable. I've only ever seen Jonathan actually struggling to breathe once and that was right after we met, before we were even dating, after he took a minor fall. Most "bad asthma days" for him mean that he coughs a lot, gets really tired, breathes a little heavy, and takes several breathing treatments. And thankfully, those days are few and far between although more frequent this time of year after his allergies get flared up. I'm thankful but still cautious.

*Pray for Krimson's family who are still struggling with grief, her death just barely 2 years ago now.

*Pray for Krimson's sister, Kisha, one of my very best friends, & her husband Michael who have an almost-10-year-old daughter who's struggling right now to find the right balance of medications to keep her asthma under control.

*Pray for wisdom for Jonathan & me to do what needs to be done to keep his asthma under control and to know when bad is bad enough to get to a dr or hospital before things get out of control.

*And if you have asthma (or know someone who does), please, please PLEASE make sure your medications are working for you. If you're hitting your rescue inhaler or nebulizer more often -- especially if you're hitting them multiple times a day -- then your asthma is NOT under control and you need to try different meds! Don't dismiss it! Bug your dr until they do something to help you or get a new one, if need be.

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bauerpower said...

This message has been brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Asthma Control Agent!

Seriously, I hope your personal experiences help even just one person.