Not much to say

Now that Lydia's here, seems like I don't have much to say....I survived my first 3 days with all 6 kiddos without any help. The only real big adjustment (other than dealing with lack of sleep) was what to do when both Timothy and Lydia were crying or Timothy was crying and I was tending to Lydia and couldn't get to him. Nathan continues to be a big help. In general, though, the older 4 were pretty much the same as before Lydia came home. A friend at church told me that Timothy stood unassisted on Wednesday night so hopefully walking is just around the corner. Physical therapy is definitely a "no" for us unless he's not walking by his 18-month check-up. From the research I've done, 17 months is considered the high end of "normal" for walking. Lydia is doing really well with the exception of last night when she was really fussy and wide awake after midnight. She definitely sleeps better and longer during the day. Hard to imagine with this crew running around but it's true!

School -- We're going to try and slowly work our way into a school day routine starting next week. Caleb is a little behind where other kindergarteners are -- which we expected with all that's been going on here and, no, that's not as terrible as it sounds. We're homeschoolers and while we don't like that Caleb is behind and desire to have them as close to their public school counterparts as possible (in core subjects), we have more time and more flexibility to "fix" issues as our school year doesn't have to end on Memorial Day. The goal is to get Caleb reading by the time we go for portfolio evaluations in early August. I'm sure he/we will do just fine. Nathan is doing just fine, if we could only find his math book......."Summer" goal for him is to (finally) memorize ALL his multiplication tables. He's not that far off.

Many thanks to all our friends who've sent packages and church friends who've brought such yummy food. We really appreciate it! While I've been blessed all 6 times with relatively easy recoveries after babies and could cook on my own, it's been really nice to not have to worry about it. It's helped me adjust and get a sense of what my "normal" day is going to look like now with 6. I love my children and am so thankful that I've been blessed to have absolutely zero problems conceiving (we've only ever really tried once!). With several friends around us who are unable to conceive, I certainly don't take that for granted. And I tried to be grateful for being pregnant which wasn't hard the first 3 times but was a struggle the last 3 babies with the different aches and pains and complications. I definitely feel like our home is bursting at the seams -- which we're so happy about -- but I'm ready to focus on being a successful homeschooler. While I'm a little sad at the thought of not having any more new babies to snuggle up to, I'm ready for the next stage(s) in life. After all, I'm about to be a mom to a teenager in a few short years! (Nathan so graciously informed me that he has only 2 more school years before he graduates to the youth group -- yikes!) And the thoughts of eventually being completely done with diapers makes me very happy! :)

Guess I found a few things to say, huh?

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