Lydia, Thursday update

I spent the day at the hospital today with little miss. Little rougher on me than I expected but at least I got to hold her/feed her/change her for about an hour 3 times today. OSU is a gigantic place! Too much walking for someone who gave birth on Monday, that's for sure. Oh well....onto Lydia. She's doing wonderfully well with eating and is really ready to move past 2 ounces at a time. But, because of the intensity of the phototherapy lights, they want her to be hungry more often so she eats more often so she doesn't get dehydrated. Her skin is less red than before and I had 2 nurses to tell me today that I have a pretty little redheaded girl! :) (Let me know what you think) As for her jaundice, her numbers continued to climb today which is perfectly normal just unfortunate for taking her home. Jaundice (bilirubin) levels peak around the 4th or 5th day of life and Lydia will officially begin her 4th day of life tonight at 9:18 so it shouldn't get much worse and it's by far no where near dangerous levels. Her next draw is coming up at 8 pm and we're hoping for numbers to go down from the 15 it was earlier but if it were to be 13 or less, then that'd guarantee us she'd get to go home tomorrow sometime. If the number is down in general at tonight's draw or the 4 AM draw, the chances of her coming home tomorrow are good. If the number stays at 15, then we're moving into if-y terriority where taking her home tomorrow is concerned. They doubled her lights today, adding 1 light coming at her from the side as well as the one coming at her from above so that will help speed things up. She was wide awake today everytime I saw her and that was fun. I'm definitely ready to have her home! Here's a picture taken just as I left the hospital at 3:


Heather said...

Look at that hair and those fat cheeks! She's adorable!

bauerpower said...

yeah, a picture!!!!! she's adorable, can't wait to meet her.