Let me catch you up

So, as you already know, Lydia is here! Here's a recap of yesterday's activities:

My nerves were pretty shot by the time we got here just before 10 yesterday. The amnio itself was started just before 11. The numbing shots weren't too terrible and while it helped me not feel the insertion of the needle to draw the fluid, it certainly didn't help that the big needle had to be taken out and reinserted several times. Then there was trouble getting the fluid out and eventually the discovered that they needed to get Lydia out of the way 'cause she had moved. So the OB in charge (with the worst bedside manner!) began pushing on Lydia to get her to move. EXCRUCIATING! Shot waves of pain all the way through my tummy, down my leg, and into my toes, bringing tears to my eyes! Finally it was done and then I had a good hour to an hour and a half of unbelievable contractions. We were told to hope for a number/test result over 45. Around 1:15, we got a thumbs up from our nurse although we wouldn't learn till a little bit later that Lydia's number was actually 101!! In a labor & delivery room right before 2 and the pitocin was started. Contractions weren't terrible but since they knew I had had many babies, as soon as I was uncomfortable, they ordered my epidural. It was almost like I was a guinea pig....anesthesiologist in there coaching a person (can't remember his title) through the procedure while 2 medical students looked on. Epidurals are wonderful but getting them in is a pain (literally) especially when you're poked several times in your back looking for the right space. I was really comfy by 5 and they checked me and I was dilated to 4-5 cm and they broke my water! Painfree bliss lasted until around 7 and I eventually asked for a redose on the epi. I was 7 cm then and things were good again for a while. Jonathan's parents arrived just after 8 and I was in pain again. While I was only dialted to 7 1/2 cm at that point, I had made major progress in what they call efacement and she had also begun to drop although she was still high up the birth canal. Unfortunately, I wouldn't get much relief from a redose of the epi but that was because I was too close to delivery. 8:30 to 9, I quickly went to complete (10cm) although Lydia was still high. Just under 20 minutes of pushing and Lydia was born at 9:18. Not my best birth (that'd be Timothy when I was completely numb at time of delivery and didn't have to work so hard at pushing) but not my worst delivery either (that'd be Caleb's unmedicated birth). It was a long night....had some complications after delivery including major swelling, worse in my right extremeties (and I'll spare you the rest of the details). Eventually took a percocet which knocked me out but I was very uncomfortable. Lydia had a few minor issues with her blood sugar, not uncommon in babies born to diabetics. She has had absolutely no trouble with breathing or eating! They're monitoring her bilirubin level and she's steady, indicating no jaundice just yet (in fact, went from 6.8 down to 6.1 during the day and going down is a GREAT sign). Unfortunately, however, she did fail her hearing test in her left ear today....they'll automatically retest her in the morning and we'll go from there but at least we know not only that her right ear is completely normal, we also know what this road might look like having dealt with Timothy's hearing loss. Other than that, she's doing pretty well. A little fussy this evening but nothing too terrible. I'm coping with pain and "stuff", staying away from the percocet so I can stay concious and relying mostly on ibuprofen at this point. They were unable to do my tubal after delivery so we'll have to see about getting that done as an outpatient in April after my 4 week check-up. I'll go home for certain tomorrow; Lydia just has to pass what's called a car seat test and a last bilirubin test (showing levels steady or going down, not up) and as long as those 2 are okay, she should be going with me. Oh, someone's crying for Mommy so I must go. Check back here (although I twitter much more often) for more details.


bauerpower said...

don't forget to let me know about bringing you food tom. or thurs. i have/will have a SLEW of it. i will have savannah tom., and i have to be at church by 6:45pm. let me know as soon as you can so that i can plan, plan, plan, & cook, cook, cook! i'll only give you a hint (or two): the homemade peanut butter cookies smelled divine (and tasted pretty good too) as they were baking, and the angel biscuit dough is begging to be cooked.....

Nan said...


When I read this, my heart was heavy for you. But then I remembered that this was a past post and that part now over for you. Bless your heart, Karen.