Pray for Kisha and Abby

Our great friend, Kisha, and a little girl she babysits need your prayers! Kisha is about 8 weeks pregnant for which we are all praising God! Kisha and her hubby, Michael (and those of us that love them), have prayed for another child for about 9 years. But in the midst of this early stage of pregnancy, she lost her grandmother late last night. This is already a difficult time of the year for them. Kisha's sister, Krimson, passed away 2 years ago after a devastating asthma attack. The anniversary of Krimson's death was on March 6th. And today, the little girl Kisha babysits named Abby, who just turned 2, was taken to Children's Hospital with what appears to be a rapid onset of juvenile diabetes. She will be in the hospital for 2 days while they bring her sugar levels under control and start to course her treatment. Please pray for Kisha and her family as well as Abby and her family over these next few difficult days.

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