Can't believe I missed it!

Bad Mommy, missing Lydia's 3 month mark yesterday! AGH! I don't even have a recent picture. Something's wrong with me....

I think she's 13 weeks now but I could be wrong on the count. Perhaps for Monday, I can get a recent picture for her 14th week mark. Biggest change this month is the smiling & cooing, coming really close to laughing. She seems to be ticklish under her chin. Her nighttime fussiness has been torture these past few days coming between 8 and 10 or so. Last night, it was like constant screaming between 8 and 9:30. :( She has slept through the night a few times, about a week in a row before she started not sleeping through the night (which to me means 6 hours or more). Last night, I think we finally got her settled around 10 and she slept until sometime after 4. The nights she has slept it's been from around 11 until 6, sometimes even 7, but that was only a time or 2. Once she goes for a good stretch, we hope to start trying her in the crib in Timothy's room. I've tried to get her to nap in there & she doesn't go for more than 20 minutes so we may be in for quite a transition. No dr's appt this month (next one 7/20) so no new weight or length to report. She's still comfy in most of her 0-3 month stuff, even wearing a pair of newborn size pants this past week which were a little short (but perfect for the weather, if you ask me!). There's a few things 0-3 that I've already packed away and a few things 3-6 that I've put her in but those are a little big on her still. Can't really tell she's lost any hair & yes, it's still red.

Headed to Tennessee 1 week from tomorrow!
Can't wait to see my new niece & catch up with family!

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