Body After Baby, week 4

I know it's Tuesday but I had a very busy Monday. Not much to report in weight loss ~ in fact, scale said I was up a pound since 2 weeks ago (remember I didn't weight in for week 3). It's sobering to think that that means I had to have consumed 3500 more calories than I burned during the last 2 weeks, especially considering I had a very productive week last week as far as exercise goes. I walked Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday with Charissa (2 miles each day) and Wednesday by myself. On Wednesday I only walked about 3/4 of a mile but I had the 2 babies in the double stroller, John on his bike, and Caleb on his scooter. Between trying to catch up with them and pushing the stroller, even though it was a shorter walk, I still felt like I had gotten a workout. While walking with Charissa on Saturday I was having trouble with pain in my shin (shin splints?) . We didn't walk last night as I went to a movie night with ladies from church and I know Charissa is busy several nights this week but hopefully we'll be able to get something done together. Otherwise, I'm going to see what I can do at home. I'd love to take off each night & walk at the park but I think it's too much for hubby to have all the kids by himself for an hour every night.

This week, my focus is going to be on starting a food journal and more of the same ol', same ol' (water, exercise, portions).

Vacation countdown: 8 more days 'til we leave for Tennessee!

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