What do you think?

If you're not a faithful reader of my blog or if you've not seen that the majority of my posts have almost no deep thinking involved, then I should let you know that this blog was created with the sole intention of keeping out-of-state family & friends up to date with what is going on with the Stevens Clan, namely keeping my parents from going into Grandbaby Withdraw! I'm happy to sit down every now and then and share a cute picture or story, give doctor appointment updates, tell how big everyone is getting, and sharing milestones of their childhood(s). (Can you make "childhood" plural?) But, recently, after several comments from friends and even a few strangers, and after visiting great blogs like this one and this one that clearly share more than "Guess what Junior's gotten into today?!?", perhaps I should rethink my intention? I certainly don't claim to be a writer but I've been told that people would love more of a glimpse inside what life is like as a mom to 6 kids or what it's like having so many boys vs. girls. Perhaps share my mom tips or what my favorite baby products are? Maybe write more about my faith or share some inspiration? Here's my initial thinking -- #1 Why would you want to hear from me? I'm the farthest thing from Martha Stewart, I have almost no organizational skills, and I'm not your typical nuturing Mom-martyr (and I'm not claiming that to be one of my strong points). #2, Do I really have the time to sit down and put together posts on mothering topics? #3, What would I write about? So, for the handful of my faithful blog readers, I ask -- what do you think? And be specific. Something like "I'd like for you to write about....." or "Please, no, DON'T write anything. I just like looking at your cute kids." Not that I mind the comments -- in fact, I'm hoping for more than 2 this time -- but a plain ol' "Sure, write more" really is not what I'm looking for. So now's your chance. Let me have it! :)


Anonymous said...

Karen, thanks for giving this opportunity. As an older adult, I may look at things differently from the younger parents.

I think you should have your blog as one that is by "invitation only" so that the whole world cannot see it. You write about some very personal things, which is fine for family and close friends. Given that we live in a fallen world, who know what screwed up person is looking at your beautiful and handsome children's pictures. It is a sad inditement(sp?) on our society, but think about it.

Also, you don't need to take on more than you already have. Your basket runneth over. You are doing fine with what you have, albeit it is a huge job. Blessings

Heather said...

First off I would like to comment on the Anonymous commenter before me...I agree with this person in that blogs are personal and there are some bad people out there that could be lurking, but why did they leave an anonymous comment? Why didn't they "sign" their name? Are they one of these "lurkers"? I don't want to start an argument on your blog, but rather just making an observation. Second, don't try to make the blog something big, it's too much work, but on occasion you could give pointers on teething, potty training, etc, since you do have 6 kids! :o)

Non-Anonymous Reader ;o)

bauerpower said...

hmmmmmm. what do i think? not much lately. however, i think when you blog about your kids there are already hints/tips/tricks in there. and, on that same note, your Christina values/views come through. and as much as we see and talk to each other, i still look to see what you have written. all that said, i have never felt that i wished you would write more. i think you do what you can when you can, and to spend any more time on the computer for anyones sake but your own would be silly. kapeesh? (you didn't know i was a closet Italian did you?)

Charissa Pituch said...

You know what I like about your blog... you're honest. Whether someone will or won't like it your truthful.

It's very sweet of you to think about how your blog can benefit others. I think it already does. I know your honesty about you "body after baby" has been very inspiring to me!