Body After Baby, week 2 recap

Week 2 was MUCH better! No weight loss to report but after my weekend of heavy eating, I'm very happy with maintaining. My goals for last week were:

1 -- Exercise with my new exercise buddy at least twice. CHECK! :) Charissa and I walked both on Monday and Thursday night, Monday night for an hour, Thursday night for about 45 minutes (but with many more ups and downs so I'm sure we worked just as hard). I also took the kids to the zoo on Tuesday (3 hours of walking but with starts and stops of course) and did some serious sweat-bringing housework on Friday and Saturday getting ready for John & Elizabeth's birthdays party.

2 -- Drink at least 2 16-oz glasses of water each day, total of 32-oz each day. I used a 16-oz glass b/c that's what we had in the house. But after our walk Monday night with my water bottle flopping in the stroller's cup holder, I stopped and bought one that happened to be 24 ounces (but unfortunately is too big for my stroller's cup holder!). So the recap for each day goes like this: Monday, 24 ounces; Tuesday, 48 ounces plus; Wednesday, 48 ounces plus; Thursday, 48 ounces plus; Friday, 24 ounces; Saturday, 24 ounces; and Sunday, a little less than 24 ounces. Still, considering I wasn't drinking water regularly at all, I think this is an accomplishment.

(And yes, I've gone back to making unsweet tea.)

Week 3 goals:

1 -- Bump up the exercise but adding a 3rd exercise day for the week
. This will probably be without my exercise buddy 'cause I have a crazy week planned which, of course, will make it harder to accomplish 'cause we all know how hard it is to be motivated to exercise on your own.

2 -- Get my 48 ounces of water each day.

3 --
Begin working on portion control. I plan to do this by leaving a little behind after each meal and/or not going back for more. Trust me, I can stand to do this! I eat too much (usually 'cause I finish what my kids don't eat.)

Have a blessed week!

You can read about the Body After Baby Challenge at http://www.mamanotes.com/2009/04/body-after-baby.html

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The Mrs. said...

Yay for you! You're doing great - and I would have to say ashamedly getting WAY more exercise than me... I highly reccommend chewing hot cinnamon gum as a method to get yourself to drink more water. If you're not already used to super-hot spicy things. It helped me switch many years ago from drinking flavored things to pure water.
Best Wishes for continued healthy living!!!