Allow me bragging rights

Saw this post from Todd Smith (of singing sensation "Selah"):
http://toddsmithonline.wordpress.com/2009/05/12/thou-shalt-not-compare-thy-spouse-to-others/ And I felt like I had to comment & brag on my hubby! (You really must go read Todd's post first!) This is what I said:

LOVE this post! Hilarious!!!! But, Todd, my friend, I hate to disappoint you but there is a man who’d be willing to do this for his wife. I know b/c I’m married to him and have been at the receiving end of his generosity many, many times!! Numerous times we’ve walked into church, saw that our nursery was short on help, & I’ve watched as my husband volunteered to help. (Kinda makes me feel guilty, though.) Many, many, many nights he comes home to a frazzled wife who’s been home with our 6 kids all day long (we homeschool) and does he complain that dinner’s not ready or that I’m in a really, REALLY bad mood? Nope! He watches our 6 kids while said-frazzled-wife goes to the grocery store alone or evens goes out to dinner with an equally-frazzled mom. Sorry to rain on your parade! Kudos to you for stepping up anyway! :)

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