The Big T

Timothy is 17 months old today!
Timothy is bravely starting to stand on his own but just for few precious seconds. He walks really well with help but hasn't taken those precious first steps quite yet. He's still babbling more than saying anything that makes sense although he does say "night night" (which also means "bye bye") and "da da" frequently. Just today I heard him say something that sounded like "ball" and he definitely repeated the "b" sound which he's never used before. He's learned in just the last little bit how to climb on and off the couch and a variety of other places, like climbing on the bench and then onto the top of the kitchen table. He's also learned how to stand in his high chair and crawl out onto his tray. It's terrifying! We can't quite figure out how to loosen the belt in the high chair and it's too tight to buckle him in. We plan on figuring it out very soon, before he ends up on the floor. He's doing okay with his hearing aid but, if you know us very well, you know that he rarely has it in. That's my fault. It's just not on my radar enough to remember it everyday. And we've decided he can't wear it in the car any more as that's when he gets bored and pulls it out and chews on it. He's "fractured" his mold (the squishy part) but, thankfully, it doesn't effect the mold and because it fits sooooo well, we don't want to rush to get another one made. We're supposed to get his speech therapy started in the next 2 weeks. I LOVE this age (& Lydia's age, too, but this blog is about Timothy, not Lydia). I love playing Pat-a-Cake & Itsy Bitsy Spider with him and to watch him try and do the motions, too. He's got the clapping down! Oh, and to watch him shake his head no -- hilarious! For your viewing enjoyment (with a little John thrown in for good measure)

The others at ~17 months:
JohnElizabeth (obviously....)

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