Prayers for wisdom

Doing some research online after receiving an email from a dear friend who happens to know a lot about special education.... She saw my post about what happened last Tuesday with the visit from the BCMH nurse and the Help Me Grow lady. After reading her thoughts and doing just a tad bit of research (just in the last hour, so not like a TON of research yet), I'm asking you to pray for wisdom for Jonathan & me. We just want Timothy to get some help with his speech. That really is all we want! And, this with Help Me Grow was the way I was told to go about getting him that help. However, I'm beginning to wonder if we've opened a can of worms here that we don't want open. I'm not exactly talking "Big Brother" fears here but I don't want a bunch of governmental agencies with their noses in my business, especially considering I have 6 children and we homeschool. I'd much rather them stay away, LOL! Pray for boldness to find a way to tell them "This is what I want & you can leave everything else alone" without seeming like a mother who doesn't care or who is in any way neglecting her children (I'm sure they have Child Protective Services on speed dial!). Pray for protection for our family, especially where Timothy's future education is concerned. The words "special school" have already been mentioned and, of course, we'd prefer to keep Timothy at home. After all, it's not like he's deaf! His hearing loss is MILD (just ask Candace!). My fear is that putting my foot down on any of these issues -- not agreeing to other forms of therapies, not letting them get their hands on my other kids, and not agreeing to put Timothy into a "special school" -- will tick off the wrong person and cause a nightmare for us. We're in the application process for a Homeschool Legal Defense membership. They provide 24/7 legal counsel to homeschoolers when their right to homeschool is in jeopardy and I'm going to continue arming myself with information on my rights as a parent. While we walk this course, please pray for us!

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