Misc thoughts & Lydia's 2 month check-up

Well, I'm happy with the results of yesterday's election. I wasn't really passionate about many of the issues but one....the Reynoldsburg City School District Levy. It failed and yes, I'm glad. "That's pretty easy for you to say since you choose to homeschool your children," you're probably thinking. Well, quite frankly, you're right! However, you're only about half right. This wasn't as easy a decision as you might think it would have been for us. Why? For starters, I have a niece, nephew, & kids on my street in Reynoldsburg City Schools....I really do feel bad for all of them! I don't remember much from elementary school but moist of what I do remember is days in music class, gym, and art -- all things these kids will not have when they return to school this fall. (But I must say this gives my currently-overwhelmed-by-homeschooling heart the boost it needs to dig my heels in and make our homeschool a success!) Secondly, I'm also concerned about where these other jobs that are going to be cut are coming from...Reynoldsburg City Schools provides my father-in-law's income! I think he's safe for now as he's the head custodian of one of the elementary schools but I wonder if some of his support staff might be cut. And third, there's always that thought in the back of my head, that "what if something were to happen & I/we would need to put our kids in public school" thought. I really don't like thinking that if my kids were to ever be in the local schools, that they'd be in crowded classrooms and go through days with no gym, art, or music. But, it boiled down to this....we really can't afford such a HUGE jump in our mortgage payment, and it would have been significant (around $100/month, if I understand correctly). So if you can call that "glad" or "happy" that the levy failed, then I guess I'd say I'm "glad".

Body after baby mid-week #1....haven't reached my goal of exercising yet but the week's still young! And I have been doing a lot of sweating lately trying to keep this house clean. So I haven't been sitting around, either. Bad eating week, though, as I had a special ladies function at church on Sunday & dinner out with a friend on Monday so I haven't been watching my portions properly. But, hey, that wasn't 1 of my goals so I can let it slide, right?!?! :) But I think I might have just been blessed with a walking buddy, if I can get it worked out.

Mom confessional...and you got to promise you won't look down on me for being so transparent, okay? Going to church is my release, my mental break, often my only trip out of the house during a week unless it's grocery week. Don't get me wrong -- I KNOW I am blessed not only to have children but to have a husband who does let me at least run errands by myself in the evenings and even take nights off, like Monday when I went out with Kisha. I know other moms don't get that opportunity.... But....I don't even know if I can put a word on it but I can't tell you how it bothers me to not only miss church but to sit back & watch Jonathan go when 1 of us has to stay home with a sick kid(s). It is so hard, especially on Wednesdays, to avoid thinking "He gets to be gone alllllll day long to work and then come home, barely spend an hour here (but really NOT here 'cause he's preparing his lesson...alone...locked up in our room), and then he gets to leave again". Sounds like a whiny kid, doesn't it? Well, it's really bad today -- not only am I home with 1 sick child, I'm home with all of the kids but ONE and Jonathan has to stay late! Timothy's caught another cold on top of the sinus infection, John & Elizabeth both have a cold, and we believe Lydia has the beginnings of it, too. Caleb is here, though, and along with me, Jonathan, & Nathan he doesn't seem to have any symptoms of anything (yet). We're in the middle of a series on a healthy church and I've now missed it 2 weeks in a row which is saying a lot -- it's taught in Sunday School, it's preached in the morning service (wasn't there last week, was helping with the ladies luncheon this past week & missed both SS & preaching), AND it's discussed on Wednesday nights (which I missed last week 'cause Timothy was sick & am missing again tonight). And there's not even an option for Jonathan to stay home with the kids on Wednesday nights because he's teaching. So there -- I've said it....now you probably think I'm some sort of ungrateful or spoiled brat....I have no idea what my problem is.

While I'm posting, I'll let you know that Lydia is doing great! Other than perhaps the start of a cold and MAYBE a MINOR case of colic (she's fussy off and on most of the evenings, and is really fussy between 9 and midnight), she's perfect! 11 pounds, 4 1/2 ounces (a little above the 50th percentile), 21 1/2 inches long (25th percentile). After the way Elizabeth grew, it's so nice to see her "average". She got her first set of shots today as well and goes back @ 4 months.

I must go wipe noses & change at least 1 stinky diaper....

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bauerpower said...

ooops. i e-mailed you about this subject before i read your blog. so i didn't see request to "not be looked down upon while being transparent". or something to that effect. however, in my e-mail, i was only trying to keep you grounded, not look down on you. :)