Body After Baby, week 3 recap

I agree with Mama Notes -- can we just not talk about week 3??? Didn't step on the scale this morning -- my Momma didn't raise no dummy! -- and while the week was disastrous as far as dieting & exercise are concerned, it did end on a high note. I was able to fit in a 2 mile walk last night & even did it in spite of the fact that I wasn't able to reach my exercise buddy.

Week 4 goals? Do I have to have them (lol)? Can I just surprise myself?!?! If not, then I resolve to eat less and exercise more. Not specific enough, I know, but I don't think I have goal setting in me today. But I'm not as down-on-the-world as it sounds....

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Shannon@Idylwild said...

Thanks so much for sending me the link to your blog. I can tell I'm going to love reading about your clan:)
And congrats on th weight loss! Just getting started is a big step!