Body After Baby, week 1 recap

Well, I'd really like to just not post anything on this one! Got nothing accomplished as far as BAB last week. Didn't get my exercise in and ate horribly. BUT, I do have good news. I've found an exercise buddy! We're going to meet at least twice a week to walk the trails at our local parks and try some accountability as far as diet & exercise go. Our first night is tonight!! She's also got some nutritional/diet information she's going to share with me. I did change the weight loss ticker over there ----> BUT I have a disclaimer. What I entered for my starting weight was what the doctor's office said I weighed at my pre-op appointment in early April. I'm sure the 1.4 pounds has absolutely nothing to do with anything more than differences in scales. Speaking of scales, I did buy a new digital one so I'm not sitting there staring at lines and trying to figure out what they mean. That's my recap.

Goal(s) for B.A.B. week #2: Hit the trails with exercise buddy twice this week; daily, make sure I drink at least 2 glasses (our glasses are 16 ounces so that would be a total of 32 ounces) of water each day. Also going back to unsweetened tea but that's not as big a deal as it sounds.


Harmony said...

Well the important part is to not give up after one not on target week, remember to stick it out for the long haul!

Exercise buddies are the best, it's great motivation to have someone there with you.

NellBell said...

Finding a buddy is definitely an accomplishment! I think motivation is the hardest part of losing weight. Don't give up!

Mama Notes said...

I'm so happy you found an exercise buddy! And trails are such a great workout, how fun!