Lookie what's outside

Isn't this amazing??? New life right outside my bathroom window x3!! They're beautiful baby robins! We think they hatched 3 days ago or so and my research tells me they'll be there another 10 days or so. I'm pretty sure the Mommy and Daddy bird hate me (yes, I see 2 of them out there every now and then so I'm assuming it's both the mother and father). It was so weird today when one of the adult birds caught me staring at them today on my way to the bathroom once. And I was constantly shocked out of sleep while napping with the kids when I heard all 3 babies crying at once! Must have been feeding time. I snapped these pictures all within a matter of minutes and then showed the babies to John & Elizabeth and then shut the window so they could be fed. Otherwise, every time one of the adult birds tried to get close enough to feed them, they'd swoop right away and the poor babies would still be like the one in the last picture, necks all craned up with mouths wide open. Even if I tried to hide, it was like they could sense I was there 'cause they'd fly towards the nest but immediately fly away!
Just amazing!!!

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