Missed another one!

It's been a crazy couple of days. I'm WAY overwhelmed with trying to get ready for our quick trip to Tennessee this weekend. Plus getting Nathan & Caleb ready to go home with my Mom and Dad (S. C.) for a few weeks plus getting ready for VBS that starts the day after we get back. So what'd I miss this time? Timothy's 18 month birthday!! (But, hey, it's the 8th so I can wish Justin a happy 18 month birthday!)

Timothy just after birth

About 4 months old
Just after his 1st birthday
Easter this year
(we're becoming slackers on taking new pictures!)
Pray for Timothy in the upcoming weeks as he is evaluated tomorrow for starting speech therapy, as he goes to the ENT on the 16th for his chronic sinus infections, and as he goes under general anesthesia on 7/6 for CAT scan(s) and a bronchoscopy. (And for me as I'll probably be taking him in for his procedures all by myself as Jonathan is running low on vacation days.)


bauerpower said...

pretty sad when my kid has to be recognized on your blog instead of mine! happy belated 18 months Timothy!!!!

Mama Notes said...

your interview is up! :)