Timothy's ENT appointment today

Well, the good news is we know why Timothy's having so many sinus infections. It's his adenoids. They ran a camera down (up?) his right nostril and his adenoid was so large it was making the very back of his nasal cavity very small. So, when he gets a cold (and babies his age get an average of 1 cold per month), the mucous can't drain properly 'cause it can't get past that adenoid so it stays where it's not supposed to and gets infected, a sinus infection. The solution is simple but scary, nonetheless. When he goes in for his bronchoscopy on July 6th, they'll do surgery to remove his adenoids at the same time. I was really hoping to either a) avoid the bronchoscopy or at least b) avoid having another overnight stay at Children's. But, since he's going to have to be under general anesthesia for the surgery, why not do the bronchoscopy at the same time? And adenoid surgery on a child this young is usually an overnight deal anyway. So, off to Children's we will go on Monday, July 6th, probably around 6 a.m. as he's scheduled for a CAT scan of his ears at 8 a.m. and that will likely be the first procedure. The CAT scan of his ears is to see if there's any structural abnormality that might help explain his hearing loss and/or speech delay. They don't normally do CAT scans on kids diagnosed with hearing loss because if they can't lay completely still or be put under general anesthesia but, again, since he's already going to be under anesthesia....

My heart breaks for my little guy but like I told a dear friend at church this morning, it doesn't take much going through Children's Hospital to make me grateful! I see the kids there with bald heads that are likely cancer patients...I see the parents there who have "permanent" visitor badges that have no expiration date...I hear the babies crying in pain...and I'm thankful that Timothy is as healthy as he is! Please pray for Timothy as this surgery date approaches, that he'd be easy to handle and not too miserable without food or drink, that he'd come out of anesthesia easily (again), that the surgery and procedures would be succesful and, of course, that he'd not be in too much pain afterwards.

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