Hospital visit today

It's been a long day in the Stevens' house. I woke up about 4:30 this morning and have been battling contractions ever since. (I am 26 weeks pregnant -- 3 full months to go yet.) I spent 5 hours in the triage unit today. Thankfully, the contractions aren't "working", aren't putting me into active labor. Because I wasn't in active labor, they sent me home on restricted activity to see what might happen. They gave me a shot of a drug to stop the contractions but they don't want to keep me on it because it will mess with my diabetes. I've only had a handful of contractions since I got home from the hospital which is much better than the 6-10 I was having every hour. Still, with 4 kids and trying to homeschool, "restricted activity" is going to be very difficult for me. Please pray that we make it at least 10 more weeks before this baby boy is born and that our family will handle the adjustment of Mom not being on top of her game.

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