Dr's appointment/ultrasound today....

Everything looks GREAT! The cyst seen on his brain at 19 weeks is GONE (praise the Lord)! Everything else remains unchanged which is a good thing. Weight still down (lost a pound in between last 2 appointments -- can you believe that?!?). BP was good although the top number had crept up quite a bit, although still within the normal range. Unfortunately, I'm no stranger to high BP during pregnancy so we'll have to keep an eye on that. Sugars are starting to get a little high during the day. But, because my fasting blood sugars are still WELL below 100 and they don't want to mess with those, they're going to try and put me on an oral medication during the day to see if that helps control things better. I'm happy that I can try something oral and avoid those insulin shots! As far as my activity level goes, he said that since the contractions I'm having are causing absolutely no change, that he doesn't see any need to keep me on any kind of activity restriction as long as I'm smart about what I do and listen to my body if it tells me to slow down. So -- all in all, this couldn't have been a better appointment. For the first time, they showed me 3D pictures. They showed up in color at the dr's office but the print out is B&W. Still, it's pretty remarkable. Can you see his hand in front of his face and the smirk on his face in the second picture? Cute, huh?? =) By the way, he finally has a name....Timothy Paul Stevens.

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-M said...

That's great news. Praise the Lord.