34 week ultrasound pictures

First up is her foot (the blob at the top of the screen). Her pinky toe is facing us.
Next is a profile although not the best picture in the world. I point out her nose in the 2nd one to see if that helps. It's hard to get a shot of a baby's face when it's buried way down below! :)
Last but not least -- at this is what I was referring to as "interesting". I've NEVER seen this before on an ultrasound! Those little white lines that the arrow is pointing at is HAIR. The ultrasound tech said she has a head full of it and it may or may not be curly. (Being in a fluid filled sac, it'll be hard to tell if it's curly until she comes out).

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bauerpower said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!! You are truly a great blessing to me.