I don't really want to go into it all....don't even think I can as I've had very little sleep. For a variety of different reasons, I'm stuck, so to speak. Not only is Caleb now sick (although it doesn't seem stomach related but a fever so I have no idea what he has and whether or not he'll pass it along!) but my short list of possible sitters for when/if I go into labor is down to zero for at least today and tomorrow, maybe even longer. Illness is the main problem -- strep throat, another with a mysterious fever, 1 kid with a weird rash, and my niece/nephew sick with what Elizabeth, John, and Timothy have/had (and we haven't even seen them so it certainly didn't come from us!), and job situations have left all my sitters with their hands tied and I'm basically left praying I don't go into labor today or tomorrow 'cause I have no where to take my kids! In fact, not only burdened with illnesses but also with a dear friend about to die from cancer, one of my usual sitters has said to take her off the list until after March 7th. My mother-in-law falls into the "job situation" category where she absolutely cannot miss for the next few days and my mom is 12 hours away, not nearly enough time to get her here once labor begins (and I must go to the hospital as soon as I think labor is beginning 'cause my group B strep test was positive and I'll need antibiotics during labor). If my Mom COULD get here today or tomorrow, "just in case", then that would mean time off from work and whatever time she spends here before Lydia comes means less time here after Lydia comes home and I need her more after Lydia comes home than I do before she gets here. I don't do well at all with situations like this, ones that are completely out of my control -- just ask my husband or the poor women who suffered through 3 years of college with me as roommates. So please, PLEASE pray that this little girl stays put until Monday and that my kids will all be well by Sunday so I don't have that to worry with.

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