Strange day

We ended up back in labor & delivery last night with more contractions -- pretty bad ones this time. :( Cervix still the same, though, so a dose of terbutaline to stop the contractions and then we were sent home. Was told at L&D that I could skip today's appointments so I called this morning to tell them I wasn't coming and needed to reschedule my ultrasound for Friday. They called back and said I couldn't have an ultrasound on Friday 'cause there would be no doctor there (?didn't I used to always go on Fridays and always see a dr?). Back and forth I went -- should I go or should I postpone until next Tuesday? On one hand, I'm tired and Candace is feeling bad and probably tired from being at my house until after 12:30 this morning....on the other hand, this was supposed to be a big moment, decided where to go from here as far as the rest of the pregnancy goes and the not knowing for another week really would get to me 'cause I'm anal that way. So, I decided that since is was JUST an ultrasound, I'd take Nathan, John, and Timothy to Candace and go to the ultrasound but take Caleb & Elizabeth (my rowdy ones today) with me. It'd be quick, right? WRONG -- dead wrong! It might have worked that way if some sweet little girl didn't weigh in at 8 -- yes, EIGHT -- pounds! Oh no -- "you must stay and see the dr!" (I'll post some ultrasound pics soon -- they were interesting!) Kids had been good up to that point but then we were stuck in a room and left for over 30 minutes. I finally pulled the "wasn't planning on being here this long/sitter needs me" excuse out of my hat to get some attention. (Wonderful nurse rescued my wiggly kids and my plummeting sugar with some graham crackers and apple juice!) FINALLY saw the dr and this is what they said -- we're going to stop my weekly progesterone injections immediately in the hopes that I might go into labor on my own sometime in the next 2 weeks. The main issue with a baby at 34 weeks is lung maturity (well, and for a "normal" baby, they'd be worried about him/her being too small, too, but that's definitely not the case here!). But, I've had steroid injections 3 weeks ago so she's got a boost ahead of most 34-week babies and she might just be okay or need little intervention if she's born in the next 2 weeks. IF she stays put for these 2 weeks, then on March 3rd (36 weeks), they'll do an amniocentesis (you know, the needle in the belly to draw out amniotic fluid test). Why? Just to be sure her lungs are mature. That test will be performed in triage in the hospital and afterwards, I'll be monitored for about 1-2 hours to wait on the results and to make sure the amnio itself doesn't put me into labor, which is a possibility. IF the results are good, then we'll be transfered to a labor & delivery room and the show will begin! (meaning an induction of labor) IF, however, the results aren't good, then they'll let me go to about the 10th (37 weeks) and then induce. So, that's the baby news. I'm really struggling with the pain in my left side, evenings are really bad. I'm really having a hard time "hanging on" even though I know that's the best thing for her. But, that's the plan for now. Hang on, though -- you never know when things are going to change. Non-stress tests scheduled for Friday, next Tuesday, and next Friday with a "final" OB appointment for next Tuesday.

Okay, moving on....CONGRATULATIONS are in order! My brother and his wife welcomed their 3rd daughter around 3 this afternoon. Hannah Riley weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces and was 20 inches long. Waiting for an update, though, as she was having a few breathing difficulties from being just a little early (her due date was 3/14).

Lastly....while a new life was coming into the world, one was going out. Jonathan's great-aunt Doris passed away just a few moments ago. We have no word yet, of course, on any kind of arrangements. Jonathan left to go sit with his grandmother for a few minutes until his parents can get there. Doris lived in Portsmouth, only moving up here to be cared for after the cancer diagnosis. So services will take place down there. Obviously that's too far for me to be traveling, especially if I'm not going to be getting my progesterone injection tomorrow. So, we're assuming at this point that Jonathan will be going down either by himself or with Nathan and/or Caleb. I don't even want to think about going into labor while he's gone......We'll keep you posted.

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Don't forget, God is more concerned with your character than your comfort! :) The goal is a healthy baby girl as close to full term as possible!