Movie night!

The Stevens family is self-quarantined tonight. As you know, John was diagnosed with strep on Monday. He's back to his normal self, mostly. Still not much of an appetite and is coughing a lot but other than that, typical John. Timothy was diagnosed with strep today. Please say a prayer for him. It bothers me that he's not eating. I know that's to be expected with him being sick but he's just starting to look so very, very weak. We went ahead and gave him his 2nd dose of antibiotics for the day even though he didn't get his first one until 3 this afternoon. Hopefully he'll be feeling better by tomorrow. Elizabeth is very congested, coughing, and running a low-grade fever, exactly how both boys started. So, we'll see how she feels in the morning. Think I have any chance at all of getting our pediatrician to call in antibiotics for her if she's sick tomorrow morning? This body of mine is tired! I wasn't feeling well at all this afternoon so my poor husband had to come take Timothy to the doctor. I couldn't ask him to do that again tomorrow and I certainly don't want to expose Candace and her boys to this so I'll be stuck dragging them all in to the drs office tomorrow if she does have to go in. And Timothy's still so miserable! So.....what to do? Can't say for sure what we'll do in the morning but we took the opportunity we had at hand tonight and popped in a movie! And I have to say "Journey to the Center of the Earth" hit the spot! (Talking about the 08 remake here, not the original which we have seen.) Great, clean, exciting movie but not too scary for the little ones. We highly recommend it!

And a note -- with all the sickies and the fact that my NST looked good on Tuesday (not to mention I go back on Monday), I'm going to call tomorrow and cancel my NST for Friday preemptively. Don't want anyone to be expecting an update! Oh, and did I mention that Jonathan feels like his throat is a little sore?!?! We'd really appreciate your prayers!

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