We're still here and I'm still pregnant! Been without internet for a few days so was unable to post any updates although there really isn't much to report. Non-stress tests this week went well from Lydia's perspective. Both days this week, was having fairly regular contractions on the monitors. Monday, they convinced me to go upstairs for longer monitoring. Little did I know that "longer" meant the rest of the day. Put through the same torturous tests AGAIN (and then they didn't even send them off to the lab for results!) but alas, my cervix was still VERY high --thus the extreme pain -- very thick, and barely dilated or open. Thursday, when the contractions started again (it must be that room or chair?!?!) and they again wanted to send me upstairs, I politely declined. I did, however, let a dr check my cervix and while things were much less painful (meaning perhaps that Lydia has dropped or at least that my cervix is not so high -- or meaning absolutely nothing), I was still thick and barely open. Not feeling well at this particular moment but that's been my usual for these past few nights. I suffered from this "muscle fatigue" in my left side when I was pregnant with John although it only bothered me a couple of nights with Timothy. Well, it's back and as bad as it was with John. Please pray for rest from this pain and grace to get through the coming weeks without hurting anyone! Other than that, we're anxious to see what the ultrasound shows on Tuesday and what the drs think about how long this pregnancy might continue. Sounds like my cervix is in for the long haul (ugh!). Just a few more days (like 14 or so), yes, but 5 full weeks? I hate to say but I don't know if I can go that long with my side hurting like this every night. It's really starting to interfere with life!

Enough about me.....please pray for baby Leah. She was born in mid-January to friends of ours and is in the hospital with RSV, pneumonia, and a urinary tract infection. Please pray for her healing and her parents and big brother as they go through these difficult days ahead. Been there, done that, and wouldn't wish it on anyone! What they're going through makes Timothy's RSV battle seem like a cake walk. My heart is broken for them.

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