John is down with strep throat, although much improved after only 1 day of antibiotics. Timothy, poor dear, hasn't ate anything all day long and is running a low-grade fever. Guess he must be next?!? He is, thankfully, drinking his milk (yes, I know, milk is the wrong thing to give when they're sick but he won't drink juice; will try plain water next, though).

Drs appointment today interesting. First time going through the diabetic clinic. Basically, this is our plan of attack. If I go into labor in the next few weeks (say before March 3rd), they'd do everything they could to try and stop the labor. After March 3rd (36 weeks), they will not try and intervene unless it's caught very, very early (like I'm less than 3 cm dilated). After March 10th, they won't try to stop it at all. As far as her size is concerned, an ultrasound has been scheduled for 2/17. We'll see what her weight is and go from there. If she's VERY large, then around March 3rd, they'll perform an amniocentesis to see what her lung function is. If her lungs appear mature, they will induce because of her size. Depending on how mature they are, if they are uncomfortable with inducing at 36 weeks, then it will depend on how mature her lungs are/aren't. They may say, at that point, 1 more week or 2 more weeks, depending on the results. Regardless, if I'm still pregnant mid-March, we will make plans to be induced as close to March 24th as possible, 39 weeks. They do not want me going past 39 weeks as there is an increased chance of stillbirth with diabetic mothers (lovely though, heh?). They were still unsympathetic to my contractions :( but I think I'm dealing with them okay. I'm trying SO hard not to complain, and not to let them, cabin-fevered children, lack of sleep, and my raging hormones make me into a monster. So, please, feel free to tell me I'm being a jerk or a whiny baby and once I forgive you (ha!), I'm sure I'll thank you! :) I think that's about it. They did not check my cervix so I have no numbers to obsess over! Anyway, this week, I have another non-stress test on Friday; next weeks' NST's are on Monday and Thursday; then the week of the 15th, my ultrasound/OB appt/NST is on the 17th and jsut a NST on the 20th (what a way to spend a birthday, right?).

An update of sorts, with my tubal -- I did sign the papers today and, thankfully, there's an "out" on the consent form that say as long as my signature is at least 72 hours old on the paper, if I go into unexpected labor before the 30 days are up, they will be able to go ahead with the tubal. However, they informed me today that sometimes a "woman of my size" is difficult to do this surgery on immediately after delivery. So....if they were for any reason to be uncomfortable with attempting the surgery immediately after delivery, then I'd have a few choices, based on my insurance. If my insurance stays in effect long enough after delivery (after Timothy, my insurance coverage lasted 3 full months after he was delivered), then after my post-partum check-up, they could schedule to do the surgery as an outpatient. If my insurance either runs out or won't approve the tubal after my post-partum period, then there is another, cheaper permanent solution called "Essure" (google that, if you want) they can do in the office. There really isn't anything we can do, other than pray that God has His way in this. He will lead us into the right answer, I'm sure of it!

And in case you were paying attention to our sidebar "stuff" and were wondering what happened....I think I may have already reported that Caleb and Timothy's drs appointment originally scheduled for 1/9 were postponed indefinitely. If not, now you know! :) Timothy did see the ENT last Friday but, with the drama going on with the baby, we're postponing his next bronchoscopy until after Lydia is here.

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