Afternoon update

Thanks for praying. The Stevens children seem to be on the mend. We're guessing it was a 24-hour bug of some sort although we're not medical professionals, just parents. Elizabeth's fever just broke. She certainly had it the worst. Her fever this morning was over 103 again. She should have had another dose of tylenol or ibuprofen around 12 and didn't need it as her fever was gone by then. She's starting to be perky again and starting to eat. John's fever seems to be normal now and he, too, should have been redosed around noon but didn't need it. He's still not eating, though, and while active, is a little bit cranky. Nathan's fever never developed. So, right now, it's just Caleb we're watching. Temp a little bit ago was 101.5. Says his "mouth" hurts and I asked him if he meant his throat and he said no. That's kinda weird. He's not got much of an appetite but is running around here like there's nothing wrong. For Timothy, the doctor called in a different kind of antibiotic drops which, thankfully, our insurance approved so we'll be getting those tonight and get him on them a.s.a.p. He's been pretty cranky today, rubbing at that left ear. So, it doesn't look like I'll make it to church tomorrow but I'm just thanking God that this seems to be almost over. Provided, of course, that Nathan, Jonathan, and me don't get sick!

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