Prayers, please

Please pray for the Stevens family. We have 5 sick children and we've never before had all of our children sick at the same time. Timothy got sick first and has been diagnosed with an ear infection (see post below). 2 certain toddlers that shall remain nameless decided to "play" with his antibiotic eardrops and spilled out all the medicine. Pharmacy, insurance, and doctor issues and we still have no antibiotic for him as of tonight. We hope to get him back on antibiotics tomorrow. Today, Elizabeth started coming down with a fever around noon and has had a temp of over 103 all day long. John started getting sick around the same time with a temp hovering around 102. We are alternating tylenol and ibuprofen for the 2 of them but they're both very sick. Caleb started getting sick around 7 tonight with a temp of 101.5 so it looks like he's just getting started. Nathan's temp is slowly creeping up over 100 right now so we're pretty sure he's next. So far, it's just a fever and lack of appetites, just basically feeling pretty yucky but we're prayerful it doesn't get worse.

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