Urgent prayer need

My brother's wife is pregnant, newly pregnant, due March 14 or so (remember that date...it'll be important with another blog post that I'll be making in a day or two). Heather (my SIL) was taken to the ER with severe cramping. Didn't understand it all from my Mom and haven't talked directly to my brother but I do know they mentioned the word "cyst" and that there's a chance she could miscarry. This baby was a HUGE surprise to them (a theme around here lately) but, of course, they are excited about having another baby, their 3rd. They're understandably scared right now and Heather is still in some pain. Please pray for them. Heather will be going to the dr on Monday.


Heather said...

Oh wow! I hope & pray that everything is ok.

Shelli said...

any updates?