Another Timothy update

Yesterday was Timothy's orthopedic appointment for the curve in his spine. They repeated an x-ray which showed that the curve isn't as bad as originally thought. That could mean he was either in a bad position when they took the 1st x-ray or it has already started correcting. Good news for sure. However, this x-ray done specifically to look at his spine (the first one was done relating to his breathing issues, while looking more specifically at his airway) showed that his 12th vertebrae in his lower back, right around his diaper line, is "underdeveloped". If anyone has held him for any length of time, especially if he leans forward a bit, may have noticed he appears to have a bump there. I have felt it numerous times. That bump is, according to this doctor, because that vertebrae isn't giving the proper support to his spine in that area so his spine is pushing out. He said there wasn't anything to worry about right now but that we'd need x-rays every 4 months to follow both the curve and this area to make sure neither gets worse. He did not indicate what would need to happen should they start to get worse. That's all I have, as I understand it. I wished I had asked about whether or not these issues would affect his ability to sit on his own, which Timothy still hasn't done. Hopefully I'll remember to ask at our next appointment if he's still not sitting.

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