My Wednesday

Timothy started running a fever late on Tuesday. Woke up yesterday morning fine, went to nap around 11 as usual, although I could tell he was starting to feel really bad. Woke up with a high fever again and spent 20 minutes or so crying his head off, which is highly unusual for him. So, called around 1:30 and our pediatrician was actually able to see us. Appointment at 4:30 and Timothy has an ear infection. Nice. No infections before tube surgery but he gets one now?!? Now, I do understand that tubes aren't a guarantee against infection. I'm just saying I find it ironic. The "good" news is that we don't have to go on an oral antibiotic. Because he has the tubes, he can have antibiotic drops. 2 benefits -- 1 I already mentioned (no oral meds) and 2, the antibiotic drops have a steroid in them for pain relief. Much happier baby today, no fever.

Because it was Wednesday/church day, I decided yesterday while making my donuts (see previous post) to put a roast in the crock pot. Well, little did I know that after I made said donuts, I unplugged the crock pot not the deep fryer. So, when I get home at 6 last night (church starts at 7) after having a cranky baby to the dr and the pharmacy, wanting to sit down and eat, I had cold, raw roast. ARGH! Quick trip to Wendy's before Jonathan and the boys went to church (Elizabeth stayed home with me and Timothy) and then Jonathan said he'd get the boys some McDonald's on the way home. (We're having roast for dinner tonight.)

McDonald's...So, Jonathan orders 2 5-piece chicken mcnuggets, a 10-piece chicken mcnugget meal for himself, 1 plain cheeseburger, and 2 apple pies for me and Elizabeth who've already had dinner. His receipt showed the order with 2 egg biscuits (at 8:30 at night!) instead of the 5-piece nuggets but everything else was right. But here's the real interesting part -- what was in the bag:

2 4-piece nuggets (not 5 pieces)
Jonathan's 10-piece with fries
No sauce for any of the nuggets
Nathan's plain cheeseburger
a regular cheeseburger (?)
3-piece chicken fingers (?) (no sauce for that either)
1 chicken ranch snack wrap (?)
1 fish sandwich (?)
1 chicken sandwich (?)
and no apple pies

Seriously. The weirdest thing I've ever seen regarding fast food places. Thankfully, there was something there for my picky kids to actually eat! I don't know whether to laugh or stay far, far away from that McDonald's (please resist the urge to tell me to stay away from all McDonald's!).

Weird Wednesday, to say the least!

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