Sad homeschooling day

New regulations but this time, not in CA. It's DC. "Restrictive" is what the HomeSchool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is calling them. In brief, the way I understand the new regulations, homeschoolers must have a portfolio ready at any time as the superintendent's office may request to see them with written notice and may do so up to 2 times per school year. I don't know what their law said before but to give you some perspective, in Ohio, I only have to prepare a portfolio once per year and have it evaluated by a person licensed to teach in the state of Ohio. These regulations make it wound like the superintendent's office is the only way to get your portfolio evaluated. How scary! And, if the "whoever" decides that your child isn't meeting their standards, then the procedure will begin that can ultimately mean you would be forced to enroll your child in school (although leaving DC might be an option!). [Nathan's portfolio evaluation is next Thursday, August 7th and we'd appreciate your prayers as we not only go to the evaluation but as we also prepare for the upcoming school year which may include some changes.] From what the HSLDA reports, while they are greatly dissatisfied at the new regulations, they are happy to report that one item was taken out after many testimonies, phone calls, letters, and emails. The original regulations stated that someone from the superintendent's office would be allowed to make home visits. I can't imagine having that hanging over my head. I haven't read the original proposal so I don't know if that would be "unannounced" home visits or not but I wouldn't think it would be a pleasant experience regardless of whether they announced their arrival! It all makes me wonder what's next and how long it will take it to get to Ohio....

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