March 29

Heather went to the doctor today and we have wonderful news to report. Her OB said that either the issue resolved itself or the ER doctors didn't know what they were talking about 'cause there's nothing wrong with her or her baby! She's on track for her March 14th due date. Thanks for praying!

Now as for the title of this post -- March 29th. Well, it appears that my parents are going to be new grandparents twice in the month of March (and I only have 1 sibling so you do the math!). It's been a rough, emotional couple of days as I've really struggled with this bit of information. I've had 2 babies close together before -- John was born 13 days before his sister's 1st birthday so they're a little over 11 months apart. My pregnancy with John was very near miserable. I was in a lot of physical pain with my hips -- which have continued to give me problems since Timothy was born -- and with what they could only diagnose as muscle fatigue on my left side. Faithful friends and blog readers will remember I had a very short stint with those same pains while pregnant with Timothy. I'm really dreading them this time. But, only time will tell. Pray on, dear friends, as we hang on and see what these next couple of months will bring -- other than a new baby, that is! Check out the new ticker!

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Heather said...

WOW again! Congratulations! I am so glad that Heather and her baby are okay too! Maybe they will get a boy this time. Good luck! Hope this pregnancy goes well for you!