Was this meant to be funny?

2 posts in 1 day -- I know, I know -- aren't you so lucky?!?!

Someone sent this to me and I'm not really sure if it's supposed to be funny but I think it's hilarious! (Maybe a warped sense of humor -- who knows?!) It was this picture that they had edited to make Jesus actually knock on the door:
followed by this caption:

Who is this? What is she doing? Revelation 3:20 is the most abused verse in the Bible. Jesus does not look like an effeminate, she-man hippie. Jesus does not beg at the hearts of sinners. His appearance is very different (Rev 1:12-18; 19:11-16); He opens the hearts of sinners by His great power (Acts 16:14; Rev 3:7). and Revelation 3:20 is for believing saints only! Get this verse right today, and never let anyone deceive you with it again!

"She-man hippie"?!?! That's so stinkin' funny! But, seriously, folks -- I have to agree that Rev. 3:20 is quite abused. Our salvation is a work of God's grace ALONE. We can't open a door -- we're DEAD in our transgressions and sins, right? (Ephesians is very good at pointing that out, among other places.) Since when can dead people open doors or "accept" anything? God's grace alone allows us to "accept" Christ.

You may now carry on with the rest of your day. I promise you won't hear from me again unless something big happens! :)

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