Lookie what I did!

While not the healthiest breakfst/snack (okay, so not healthy at all), I experimented and it worked! Don't these look yummy?

Homemade Donuts

*1 can refrigerated biscuits (cheapest work best) (I made a double batch so I used 2 cans of biscuits)
*Small circle to cut the holes out (I used one of the cups that comes with liquid medications)
*Cinnamon Sugar mixture
*Oil for frying (I used vegetable oil)

Heat oil to 350; I used our deep fryer. Poke holes out of biscuits and drop into the heated oil (I did 5 at a time). When brown on bottom, turn over (this happens really fast) and brown the other side.

Now, my directions at this point say to coat them in cinnamon sugar and the lady makes a note that she used a plastic zip bag for that. Well, I use the cheapest ziploc baggies I can find so the still hot donuts melted my bag! So, I put them on paper towels just long enough to get all of them out of the oil and then put my cinnamon sugar mixture in a bowl and coated the donuts one by one. I also used the centers of the donuts to make what my kids call Timbits (as from Tim Horton's). You can see from some of these dirty mouths that they were pretty good! I have no idea why John wasn't smiling. He's had about a handful of donuts and is laughing and carrying on.

I don't know what the total cost would be. I already had the cinnamon sugar mixture and the oil for frying on hand. The biscuits were 33 cents each can from Aldi. So, the 2 cans cost me 66 cents so even if 1 batch cost $1 but made 10 donuts AND 10 "Timbits", then that's 5 cents each. Tim Horton's Timbits are 15 cents each; I have no idea what their donuts cost. Timewise, the longest part was waiting for the oil to heat up. Start to finish it was less than 15 minutes to make all of them. I'm willing to bet they'd be good plain with some honey butter. Nathan says he wants these served at his birthday party IF I can find a good recipe for glaze. Found one already but haven't tried it yet. I'll let you know how it goes. He'd really like me to find a recipe for the sour cream glazed that Tim Horton's makes but I'm still looking for that!

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