And so it begins....

Very big congratulations to the Rolston's on the birth of their baby girl, born early this morning. Follow Justin on Twitter for more info @ www.twitter.com/justinrolston.

Our church family seems to grow in spurts. Summer of '07, there were 3 babies born close together, including the Rolston's son. Then in November/December '07, there were 4 babies -- all boys -- born within 10 days of each other, including Timothy. Then there was 1 baby born in February of last year, our lonely girl in preschool A. We've had a break since then but now we're gearing up for more! :) Sarah is the first of 4 of us to deliver within the next little bit. Hopefully the Pituch's will beat us to the punch as they're due 4 weeks or so before us. Then there's me and another one due in March. And we just found out in the last several weeks we've got 2 babies coming in July, one on the 4th and one late July. How fun is that?!?! We may need a preschool A1 and A2 at this rate!

Giving thanks this morning for this beautiful addition to the Rolston (and RBC) family! Very thankful that God granted Sarah strength to get through many, many weeks of strict bedrest to get to this safe time for delivery. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

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