Baby registry

Got clothes out of the attic today for baby Lydia. A few things we need so I created a baby registry at Babies 'R Us. Would you believe that's the first time I've done that?!?! The registry info:

Registry #: 42942418
Expected Arrival Date: 03/30/2009

Basically, we need:

*Onesies but only in 0-3 month/6-9 month sizes (we're good on 3-6 months!)

*Bibs and burp cloths

*Diapers we'll take any size.

*Wipes we like the scented stuff and have never had a child who was bothered by the scents. Lavender is a favorite scent of mine but I'm not that picky.

*Formula we're planning on using Similac Advance ("Early Shield" optional but the regular Similac Advance will be discontinued shortly?) and we prefer the powder.

*Bottles: Don't really need a ton of those but we can't find any of the small ones (4 to 6 ounces). We'd really only want a handful of that size. I'm always up for new pink ones anyway! We can always use replacement nipples for the bottles. We like the Evenflo brand and they seem to fit our current bottles. We'll need both the slow and medium flow. Timothy never has really used the fast flow so we have a whole bowl full of those that have never been used.

*Clothes: Elizabeth was born in May so we don't have a ton of clothes to hand down, at least not in the really small sizes. We're okay on sleepers/pjs and I don't think she'll need too many winter things in the 0-3 month size but we could use some spring stuff (short sleeves/long pants) in the 3-6 month size. Everything we have in 3-6 months from Elizabeth is summer (lots of sleeveless) and hopefully Lydia will be able to use some of those.

*Blankets: Definitely don't need any quilts or heavy blankets although a few light blankets would be nice for the upcoming warmer weather.

*Crib sheets, we could use those in blue or pink. Some of our blue ones are getting worn out and Timothy will be in a crib-size mattress in his toddler bed for a while.

*I could use a new diaper bag, a large one (and one small one that's pink would be nice, too, for the future!)

****NOTE: the pink-er (or purple-er) the better!!! I mean, it's a GIRL, after all, and I'm all about the pink and purple stuff! I love my boys but I'm really done with all the blues! :) I think that's really all that we need.

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