Chocolate milk

My kids love chocolate milk. Love, love, LOVE it. During the school year, we get free chocolate milk from Jonathan's Dad who works at an elementary school. The kids have had quite a break from the chocolate milk because of the holidays so they were pretty excited to get some last night from Papaw.....Fast forward to this morning, 5 AM. Timothy's up (unusual) and so instead of staying up (ha) with him, I decided to see if a bottle would put him back to sleep. Walk into the kitchen and what do I see? The box of chocolate milk cartons....still sitting on the kitchen table. Ruined. Already warm to the touch. (Plus, in case you didn't know, milk can only safely be in the "danger zone" of over 40 degrees F for about four hours before it goes bad and we were working on at least 10 hours by that point.) So I was faced with a dilema -- let the kids drink juice for breakfast for yet another day, give them white milk, or do something about the chocolate milk? It'll be Thursday before we get any more chocolate milk from Papaw. So guess where I was at 5:30 this morning? Great ol' Wally World. WHO DOESN'T HAVE ANY CHOCOLATE MILK!!!! AGH! So I came home with more white milk and chocolate syrup (and somehow Timbits found their way into the van....weird phenomena). I enjoyed a lovely bacon breakfast sandwhich with my husband (that found their way into the van with the Timbits) and went back to bed at 6:30. I actually managed to get a little more sleep but just enough to be "dangerous" as I'm now caught somewhere between too exhausted to function and just-sleepy-enough to be sluggish. Maybe some Timbits will boost my sugar? That's exactly what a diabetic pregnant woman needs! :) Oh the things we do for our children....and, yes, I'm pretty certain I'm certifiably a lunatic now. Nobody panic, I've got it under control.

(Just told the story to Nathan and got a "thank you"....totally worth it!)

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