Still pregnant, thank God

I don't know if you call it a "false alarm" but thankfully, things are okay. Monitor did actually pick up the contractions (so reassuring to know I wasn't crazy!). While my cervix was measuring shorter in length -- down to 27-30mm from a steady 31mm -- I'm still closed, no dilation. Fetal fibronectin test was negative. A positive result would have meant I was likely to go into labor sometime within the next 2 weeks so negative is very reassuring. You should google that, if you're interested in more info. So, this is my "irritable uterus" being irritable again, eerily similar to what I experienced with Timothy at 26 weeks. After 2 bags of IV fluids, got home around 1 AM. Pray for Candace today as she's likely extremely exhausted having been here with my kids and an 8 AM appointment of her own this morning. Feeling tired and under instructions to "take it easy" until I get to the dr again to see if anything has changed. If contractions keep up -- and so far, I've had a few this morning although not nearly as strong as last night -- then I'm under instructions to go to the clinic this Friday as opposed to my scheduled appointment next Friday. So I'm making friends with the couch and water bottle today hoping that rest and fluids will keep the contractions at bay and/or less painful. I can cope with them as long as I know they're not causing any damage. Your continued prayers are appreciated!

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