Not Me Monday

Haven't done one of these in a while....been a little preoccupied!

I don't drink pop 'cause, you know, a pregnant diabetic woman really shouldn't be drinking it. But if I did and if I had woke up this morning realizing ther wasn't anything but water to drink in the house until I made tea (unsweet, in case you're keeping score), and if I had realized that my hubby hadn't left for work yet, AND if I knew he kept pop in the trunk of his car for his lunch everyday, then I certainly wouldn't have asked him for a pop before he left 'cause I don't do that.

And since I didn't ask for one and he didn't get me one, then there's no way that I know that once pop freezes after being in the trunk of a car in sub-freezing temps, it makes a slushy, yucky, mess when you try to open it. I wouldn't know that it will spew and spew until you open it fully but then I also wouldn't know that the top is frozen so trying to open it with the pop top will only accomplish breaking said pop top off. So then I wouldn't have tried forcing the can open with a knife to let out the pressure. So I wouldn't be sitting here, having had only 1 sip, and waiting for the pop-slushy to melt, hoping that it won't taste flat. Nope, not me.

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