Progesterone's Posterchild

Yep, that's me! :) Seriously, it appears as if my weekly progersterone injections are truly doing their job! YIPEE! My cervix is closed up tight and holding steady at 31mm. Even with pressure and a slight contraction, my numbers didn't change. Blood pressure was fantastic -- 120/68 -- and weight only up a pound. Lydia is measuring 12 days ahead of due date but still within that 2 week window they consider normal. I'm more worried than they are. So, unless something totally unexpected happens, here's the plan for these last weeks:

*Continue checking blood sugars and blood pressures at home
*Another cervix scan in 2 weeks (16th @ 9:30)
*Another growth ultrasound in 4 weeks (Tues 27th @ 1:30)
*At 32 weeks (2/3), I'll begin bi-weekly non-stress test, a standard of gestational diabetic care and, fortunately, something I don't mind! Very easy tests, just as the name suggests "non-stress". Basically, sit in a room for 30 minutes while they monitor the baby's heartbeat and movement and scan for any signs of contractions. Those continue bi-weekly until the baby is born. Side note: It was at my first non-stress test with John that I went into preterm labor.
*If we make it that far, which all signs seem to be suggesting we will, we'll do growth ultrasounds sometime around 2/13 and then a final one around 3/13 (I'm sure we'll make it to the first one but the 2nd one is in question!) My "safe" point for delivery or 37 weeks is 3/10....being diabetic and that she's measuring big, I'm likely looking at an induction very close to, if not before, that point. So, looks like she'll definitely be a March baby but probably no where near her late March due date.

Again, things can change but for now, we couldn't be more happy at today's results. I feel better than I've felt in a long time, other than normal aches and pains. (Won't be sharing any ultrasound pics today 'cause they were all things you've bascially seen before.) While we're happy that the progesterone seems to be working, we give all glory to God for answering our prayers of keeping this pregnancy safe and free from complications thus far.

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